My way to be Free

It appears that most blogs begin with a welcome, so here it goes. I am a typical teenage girl who is interested in fashion, music, taking photos and writing. Writing is my main focus in life really, which is why I started this. I also feel I need to have some place to disappear to, to express my feelings, to get it all out. I sit here now doing the three things that help me escape the real world: listening to music, on my own in my room, and writing. It helps you know. Sometimes I plan on doing up beat posts, maybe reviewing my latest fashion purchase, or even just re telling a funny story that occurred during my week. Other times I may express how I am feeling, if I’m feeling down, and offer my solutions, for those of you who ever feel the same way. This is so nobody ever feels alone in any situation, because if I’ve been through it too, it’ll most likely be on here. Waiting to help those of you in need. Therefore, I guess my blog doesn’t really have a certain ‘theme’ as i don’t want to be forever bringing people down with my sad stories, but I want to be uplifting too, with my photos; my reviews; my own happy or funny experiences. These I hope will be uploaded more often though. I plan on posting weekly or maybe more frequently for all you guys to see, so I hope you enjoy what you read.


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