Luscious Lips Care Tip

It’s that time of year again where the air is icy and wind is chilled when everyone wraps up and lives off hot beverages. However, one thing everyone forgets to take care of is our lips. They are probably one of your best features when they are looking good. Every guy loves a smile right? Perhaps not so much when they are flaky and red. Lips are rarely anybodies priority when it comes to taking care in the winter months. Yet we always moan about them when it’s too late and they are chapped and swollen due to the conditions of the outside world.

I have personally been a sufferer of chapped lips during the winter time and this year I wanted to make a change to what I go through. I browsed the lush website for their lip scrubs and treatments, but £5.20 was a bit out of my price range for something I could make myself for a hell of a lot cheaper. It has worked wonders and for all you females out there looking for a product to give you luscious lips that your friends would die for, I thought I would share what I did.

Step 1

I placed 1 tablespoon of golden caster sugar as this will be used to actually scrub and exfoliate the lips, making them small

Step 2

Next I added a teaspoon of olive oil, or enough to cover the sugar and turn it slightly yellow. This is the moisturising part to the scrub so your lips do not dry out.

Step 3

I then added a small amount of honey, I used a gluten free syrup type thing, but you can use any kind of honey. This was to bring the mixture together and sticky. Not too much though as you don’t want it too sticky (what a mess that would be)

Step 4

This was when I added a small amount of Vanilla Essence to create a slight flavour to the scrub. This is completely optional, but it does make it taste scrummy as well. You can also add food colouring at this stage to give it some colouring.

Step 5

Once I had made my scrub and stirred it I had to try it! I mean, who wouldn’t want to try a creation they had just made. So I took a small amount on my finger (after washing them) and scrubbed onto my lips, in small circular motions. I then left it for about 1 minute and then I washed it off using a damp flannel and patted dry.

Step 6

Finally once my lips had dried, I used Nivea lip butter in Raspberry Rosé flavour to moisturise my lips.

This has really helped my lips and they are ever so smooth now and feeling luscious and beautiful. So now I’m ready to set foot out in the cold and not have any worries about ruining my favourite feature ( my smile )

If you try this, please drop a comment letting me know how you get on 🙂

These are the ingredients I included in my creation 

Golden Caster Sugar, remember 1 tablespoon

Olive Oil - Remember, 1 teaspoon or enough to cover the sugar

Vanilla Essence - Remember only a little for a subtle flavour

Lip butter - Cheap from any supermarket or pharmacy

Here is the final product. Not too appetising but it works wonders 

Final Product! Doesn't look appetising I know, by my gosh it works a treat!