Freedom at last

Hey Guys,

So guess who made it through all 24 of their exams and is finally free? That’s right – I did! Six weeks ago this started and I honestly thought it would never ever end. It got to half term and I still had 13 to go, but now they have all finished and I’m so relieved.

I no longer need to know how to work out the area of a triangle, how to say ‘i live in England’ in French, and most of all I no longer need to know the dates of history (Not that I really did anyway).

So this morning I did my final exam – Physics (not a highlight to end on, but at least they ended) – and I came out happier than ever, but I also felt so strange and have done all day. I feel I should be revising, making notes, watching youtube revision, but no. I no longer have to do anything like that. For the next god knows how many weeks, 10 is it? I can do absolutely nothing…until I get bored that is. And trust me it won’t be long before that happens.

I got home from my exam and decided to burn every single thing I needed or used for revision: books, past papers, revision cards. You name it, I most probably burnt it. The relief inside when I watched the last 2 years of my life turn into ashes was honestly the most amazing feeling ever.

DSC_0006 (1).jpg
Bye Bye Old Books

However, today was the day my parcel of notebooks arrived for next year and I never knew three books of lined paper could make someone so happy! But these three did:

Hello New Books

Anyway, sorry for rambling but I am over the moon that my summer has officially started! And you guys will be with me as I create so many memories before starting at college in September! However, I will be starting the summer watching youtube, sleeping and netflix!

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx


10 thoughts on “Freedom at last

  1. […] Crystal is someone who I found relatively recently, and I am SO glad I did. She makes me laugh and writes the best posts and comments, and even though she hasn’t known me that long, she STILL is here for me which is so great. As with so many other bloggers, she has such a kind heart and is never afraid to just message me whenever and have a conversation. […]


  2. I always wanted to visit the beach with all my friends and burn all the math homework we were given this year! Stationary also makes me really happy. Zoella, a youtuber, has really nice stationary videos. 🙂


    • Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply! I’ve been away, but I’m back now and am uploading a new blog tonight! But yes I love Zoella’s stationary hauls, I tend to just sit and watch stationary hauls quite often. I would honestly love to have the confidence to do youtube videos!

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