New Start of Life

Hey Guys,

Guess who left sixth form???? That’s right, me. If you read my second to last post, you would know that I got myself in a to a very big metaphorical hole. This resulted in me having to go to the doctor to get some help dealing with everything going on in my head.

To be perfectly honest, my last sixth form college was s*** and it is safe to say I do not have any regrets with leaving. Don’t get me wrong, I made some of the most amazing friends and I really hope I stay as good friends with them. However, the subjects, the teachers, the environment I just found toxic!

Back in October I wanted to leave. I came home from Spain and cried with both of my parents either side of me (weird because they are divorced and I’d never experienced that before). But I begged them to let me transfer back to my secondary school. Both of them convinced me to stick it out a little bit longer.

We got to March – a whole 5 months later and I felt no better…actually no I felt worse! My anxiety attacks got worse and more frequent and it was a nightmare having to go every morning. I hated it! Every minute of it. This time my parents listened to me. And my brother was on my side which was a major help. I applied to a new sixth form and within two weeks of telling my parents I needed to leave, I was offered a place at the new sixth form. Two weeks later (Friday) I left the sixth form I was at.

One of my teachers was a bit of a bitch about it telling me I was silly and she called me a skank when I said goodbye?! I mean she was joking, but I still didn’t think it was okay to say that to a student that her especially had pushed away? Two of my teachers were desperate for me to stay and of course my friends didn’t want me to go either, ┬ábut I had to. I couldn’t carry on there. I think the fact it had made me poorly was the turning point with my parents. Who knows what I would have done if I’d had to stay?

So yes, I have the next 5 months off. That’s right. My summer started yesterday and I have absolutely nothing to do! I start at my new sixth form in September and will be studying RS, Classical Civilisation and either History or Photography (I haven’t quite decided – my family want history as it’ll ‘give me more options in the future’ but photography is the only time I am really happy) so any advice on that would be greatly received?

Me and my mum are also moving house in May so this truly is a new start. Another go at life and I am actually quite excited, even if a little bit daunted, but I know it’ll be for the best.

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx