GCSE Results

Hey Guys,

I just thought I’d share with you my GCSE results. After the most awful year of being poorly and being filled with stress and anxiety I can finally say the pain was worth it, as I am over the moon with my results. I was even poorly through exams – it was a pretty awful few weeks for me, but I got through them.

I have spent the last fair few weeks worrying and stressing over the actual results and even the day before results day I was panicking about whether I’d have the re sit maths – which would’ve been my biggest nightmare. Or whether I wouldn’t make it into college, but I DID IT!!!

My results were:

French, History, English Literature and RS – A

Maths, English Language, Biology and Chemistry – B

Drama and Physics – C

I came out of some of those exams crying, some I was happy with and some I was poorly before I even went in! But I came out in the end with a set of results that I couldn’t be happier with. I thought I had failed physics after the final exam I sat, but here I am, turns out making up stuff as you go along sometimes works! But I wouldn’t recommend that at all! I have exactly what I need for next year and the fact I got an A in 2 of the subjects I’m taking – Literature and RS makes me so happy!

I hope you guys got what you wanted, I know you would’ve all tried your best and I’m proud of each and every one of you. And, if you didn’t quite get what you wanted then don’t worry, that one piece of paper with a few letters on it DOES NOT decide your future. You’re all amazing and don’t you forget that. If you want to share what you got then feel free, but if not then I completely understand!

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx

The End Is In Sight

Hey Guys,

4 weeks ago I embarked on one very big adventure that will decide the next two years of my life – my GCSEs. One piece of paper, a few letters and that will decide my future…Wow!

This adventure has been such a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from elation to complete and utter panic. Some exams I’d come out ecstatic, others I’d come out crying. But most of all, its coming to an end and I couldn’t be more thankful. All my revision material can be got rid of, all my books, my notes. My study can go back to being a clean, spacious room. Ready for me to start my next load of exams – but that’s not for a good year or so, so lets not worry about those just yet!

Just a week and a day to go, until my GCSEs end and the biggest summer of my life starts! I’m so unbelievably excited. I have so many memories to make – beach days, days with my friends, shopping trips and best of all, it’s only 17 days until I go to California (Just you wait for the blogs when I’m out there!) And the amazing photograph opportunities! Oh my life!! I will definitely be in my element when I’m out there.

So here I am, supposed to be revising for the final 5 of the original 24 exams. Jesus, 24 exams…No wonder I am absolutely shattered and need them to end! My motivation every morning is ‘You can do this! One less to go, you’re so close to the end now’ – That has got me through each day I’ve had them and now it actually fits as the end is in touching distance.

Well I guess I should sign off and actually go and open my physics revision guide – I’d much rather stay here, wittering on to you all about my life, but hey I don’t wanna bore you too much!

I hope all of you out there who are sitting or have just finished your exams that you all feel okay about them. Just remember, there’s nothing you can do until results day. So if I were you I’d sit back, put your feet up and relax and enjoy your summer – worry about results the day you get them!

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx


Revision Techniques

Hey Guys,

So exams are looming, too close for my liking and if any of you haven’t started revising yet then more fool you. I hope you all have your own ways of revising, but I just thought I would share what I do.

Personally I believe the number one technique is colour, colour and more colour. My room is filled with notes, posters and many other things simply coloured in with highlighters, felt pens and stickers. I really advise you use colour as if it is bright it will stick in your head more.

Secondly, I can’t fault revision cards. I have 100s of the things. Filled with notes and colour and drawings. I really recommend revision cards as a way of revising. They are portable, colourful and small so force you to write in note form.

Thirdly, I recommend mind maps. These beauties are so useful for linking notes together in order to get them to stick in your mind. Also do not forget your colour when making them.

Finally, if you need to remember a list of things, make sure to put them into a funny story or place them on certain points of a well known journey you have. Doing this will help you to get these important dates, figures, vocabulary into your head, and in a fun way.

Personally, I struggled finding exam revision techniques so I hope this is helpful to those sitting exams, or even sitting exams next year.

Good luck to all you amazing people about to sit exams and I promise you will all do amazingly, just try your best.

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx