Guess Who Has Become A Veggie!

Hey Guys,

That’s right – I have.

So today I have decided to share with you all the fact I have become a vegetarian. I can imagine a few of you are quite possibly sat there think wtf?? Why?? But I can’t put into words how brilliant my health has been since cutting out the meat. And!!! The food I’ve been eating is 10x better than a meat dinner…So many ¬†different flavours, combinations and recipes are out there to cater for a meat free diet. Restaurants however are a different matter, but that’s for another day!


So, since turning to the ‘dark side’ as many of my friends have told me, these two books have been a complete life saver for me and my family, in order to find some meals that mean I can get all of the dietary requirements that each of us need to get. Plus I think they look quite pretty so what a chance to take some photos hey?


Anyhoo, whilst looking at all my previous favourite foods, I have been utterly shocked at the ingredients that are in them – therefore removing them from my favourite food list :(. Here are a few:¬†Wine gums, midget gems, MARSHMALLOWS (no more toasting of those round the fire on a camping trip) but mostly, yoghurts! So many yoghurt brands have gelatine in them in order to thicken them and give them the consistency they need – but if anything I was slightly grossed out at this fact, not because I’m a veggie.

So many cosmetic brands test on animals, and although I shan’t stop using my makeup (my very best friend), I will be more wise about what products I do use. I just simply can’t imagine how people think it is acceptable to test on the poor voiceless creatures. It’s simply not fair.

This post was just me keeping you up to date with what I’m up to really, and just to inform you of what actually happens out there in order to make the food we eat, products we use. The world isn’t always the place of kindness.

I will keep you up to date with any nice recipes I find, just in case you would like to try them,or maybe have a go at being a vegetarian too. Just remember, if you do, you need to have a fully balanced diet, including eggs, pulses, nuts. Protein is a very important thing that your body requires to survive!

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx