Revision Techniques

Hey Guys,

So exams are looming, too close for my liking and if any of you haven’t started revising yet then more fool you. I hope you all have your own ways of revising, but I just thought I would share what I do.

Personally I believe the number one technique is colour, colour and more colour. My room is filled with notes, posters and many other things simply coloured in with highlighters, felt pens and stickers. I really advise you use colour as if it is bright it will stick in your head more.

Secondly, I can’t fault revision cards. I have 100s of the things. Filled with notes and colour and drawings. I really recommend revision cards as a way of revising. They are portable, colourful and small so force you to write in note form.

Thirdly, I recommend mind maps. These beauties are so useful for linking notes together in order to get them to stick in your mind. Also do not forget your colour when making them.

Finally, if you need to remember a list of things, make sure to put them into a funny story or place them on certain points of a well known journey you have. Doing this will help you to get these important dates, figures, vocabulary into your head, and in a fun way.

Personally, I struggled finding exam revision techniques so I hope this is helpful to those sitting exams, or even sitting exams next year.

Good luck to all you amazing people about to sit exams and I promise you will all do amazingly, just try your best.

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx