New Start of Life

Hey Guys,

Guess who left sixth form???? That’s right, me. If you read my second to last post, you would know that I got myself in a to a very big metaphorical hole. This resulted in me having to go to the doctor to get some help dealing with everything going on in my head.

To be perfectly honest, my last sixth form college was s*** and it is safe to say I do not have any regrets with leaving. Don’t get me wrong, I made some of the most amazing friends and I really hope I stay as good friends with them. However, the subjects, the teachers, the environment I just found toxic!

Back in October I wanted to leave. I came home from Spain and cried with both of my parents either side of me (weird because they are divorced and I’d never experienced that before). But I begged them to let me transfer back to my secondary school. Both of them convinced me to stick it out a little bit longer.

We got to March – a whole 5 months later and I felt no better…actually no I felt worse! My anxiety attacks got worse and more frequent and it was a nightmare having to go every morning. I hated it! Every minute of it. This time my parents listened to me. And my brother was on my side which was a major help. I applied to a new sixth form and within two weeks of telling my parents I needed to leave, I was offered a place at the new sixth form. Two weeks later (Friday) I left the sixth form I was at.

One of my teachers was a bit of a bitch about it telling me I was silly and she called me a skank when I said goodbye?! I mean she was joking, but I still didn’t think it was okay to say that to a student that her especially had pushed away? Two of my teachers were desperate for me to stay and of course my friends didn’t want me to go either,  but I had to. I couldn’t carry on there. I think the fact it had made me poorly was the turning point with my parents. Who knows what I would have done if I’d had to stay?

So yes, I have the next 5 months off. That’s right. My summer started yesterday and I have absolutely nothing to do! I start at my new sixth form in September and will be studying RS, Classical Civilisation and either History or Photography (I haven’t quite decided – my family want history as it’ll ‘give me more options in the future’ but photography is the only time I am really happy) so any advice on that would be greatly received?

Me and my mum are also moving house in May so this truly is a new start. Another go at life and I am actually quite excited, even if a little bit daunted, but I know it’ll be for the best.

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx

Step in to the near future

Hey Guys,

Today was a first introduction into what the next journey of my life has to offer. I had a taster day at sixth form! It was honestly the best thing and made me feel so so grown up and happy.

I was honestly so nervous about going in today. I knew nobody and this was a completely new start and I don’t usually react very well to situations like this. I woke up this morning and I had butterflies, but I soon found out that the butterflies were totally worth it!

I made a friend straight away! I thought I’d be on my own for ages, but as soon as I got there I made a friend and turns out she was in all of my lessons for the day too! And hopefully taking the same subjects as me next year – What a complete surprise hey?!

We suddenly clicked and I got to know her and I felt so relaxed with no butterflies and I started to enjoy my day.

First lesson was sociology and oh my days this is definitely the subject for me! I was very interested and enjoyed finding out about the course and being given the chance to make David Cameron out of play-do was quite possibly the highlight of the day haha!

Religious Studies was also very interesting and as that was my favourite subject at GCSE I can’t wait to carry it on next year!

This last year has been so very difficult for me and GCSEs were so stressful, but today I actually felt happy! So happy and I have such a buzz for starting at sixth form in September.

That’s it from me today – I’m off to drink a smoothie (check out my post) and relax and look forward to trying out English Literature tomorrow!

Let me know what sort of subjects you are studying and what you enjoy to study, I’d love to hear from you!

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx

Q and A

Hey Guys,

I would just like to thank Elm for asking me some of the questions in this. Unfortunately, not many questions were asked, so I’ve decided to include a couple of my own that I think would interest you guys.

Q1 – What’s your favourite time of day?

I love the morning! I mean I am not really a fan of getting up in the morning (who is?) but I just love the bird song in the morning, the early sun and the fresh smell of the grass and atmosphere. Even in the winter, the morning is nice with a cold chill, but I love seeing the ice and cups of tea to start the day off. However, you can’t forget lunchtime because everyone loves food!

Q2 – Do you get happy easily?

Little things make me happy, but the smallest of things can kill my mood. If I’m happy, other people will be happy too 🙂

Q3 – What’s your favourite type of post to write, and why?

I adore writing reviews for you guys to read about things I’ve made and I loved doing my May favourites – so many more of those to come. This summer however, I can’t wait to try out blog posts where they’re more chatty. So I hope you all look forward to those.

Q4 – What do you like to do in your spare time?

Photography, Photography and even more Photography!!! As well as writing my blog, taking photos is my one escape from the world. Shutting myself away to edit them can sometimes be a bit tedious, but also results in some pretty great final photos which I can then share on the old tinternet.

Finally Q5 – What are your ambitions?

This Summer I hope to learn Spanish, blog and vlog (whether I upload them at all is another matter). Then in September I’m off to college to do my A-levels and then after those 2 years it’s time for uni. I have no idea what I’d like to study, but we shall see shan’t we!

So that’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel you may know me a little better than before. If you’d like to see any vlogs then please comment below and if you have any more questions ask away and maybe I’ll do another one of these.

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx

Revision Techniques

Hey Guys,

So exams are looming, too close for my liking and if any of you haven’t started revising yet then more fool you. I hope you all have your own ways of revising, but I just thought I would share what I do.

Personally I believe the number one technique is colour, colour and more colour. My room is filled with notes, posters and many other things simply coloured in with highlighters, felt pens and stickers. I really advise you use colour as if it is bright it will stick in your head more.

Secondly, I can’t fault revision cards. I have 100s of the things. Filled with notes and colour and drawings. I really recommend revision cards as a way of revising. They are portable, colourful and small so force you to write in note form.

Thirdly, I recommend mind maps. These beauties are so useful for linking notes together in order to get them to stick in your mind. Also do not forget your colour when making them.

Finally, if you need to remember a list of things, make sure to put them into a funny story or place them on certain points of a well known journey you have. Doing this will help you to get these important dates, figures, vocabulary into your head, and in a fun way.

Personally, I struggled finding exam revision techniques so I hope this is helpful to those sitting exams, or even sitting exams next year.

Good luck to all you amazing people about to sit exams and I promise you will all do amazingly, just try your best.

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx