May Favourites

Hey Guys,

So I love reading blogs about people’s monthly favourites and I decided to have a go at one myself.

All My May Favourites

First thing that I have loved this month is my book – Boys don’t cry – It had such a good storyline of a 17 year old bringing up a baby. The baby gets dumped on her father and this story is the twists and turns that occur as he brings up his baby daughter. The twists in this book really make it gripping and I was unable to put it down. I really recommend it!


Secondly, I have purchased a body moisturiser which is made my Ghost and smells divine, it makes your body feel silky smooth and gives your skin a fabulous glow. As well as this, I bought my first Soap and Glory product – the Sugar Crush Hand Food. This really works wonders on dry and cracked hands!


I also purchased a new moisturiser for my face as when I wake up it is quite dry, but this hydrates my face and then gives me a glow before putting on my foundation. However I recommend the whole ‘simple’ range as all their products have worked wonders on my skin and they make a significant difference. Due to me not liking the glow effect, I use the L’Oreal primer which then gives my foundation a matte effect which is the look I like.


Finally, I was in desperate need of a new mascara and it was actually the packaging that drew me into this one. I found it so chic, in comparison to the metallic bottles that you find. After reading it had oils in it I was very intrigued as to what this mascara would do for my eyes. After the first use, I found such a difference compared to the other ones I’ve used. It gives a false lash effect and even a bit of smoky eye is emphasised when using this one.


Let me know if you like this sort of thing

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx








My way to be Free

It appears that most blogs begin with a welcome, so here it goes. I am a typical teenage girl who is interested in fashion, music, taking photos and writing. Writing is my main focus in life really, which is why I started this. I also feel I need to have some place to disappear to, to express my feelings, to get it all out. I sit here now doing the three things that help me escape the real world: listening to music, on my own in my room, and writing. It helps you know. Sometimes I plan on doing up beat posts, maybe reviewing my latest fashion purchase, or even just re telling a funny story that occurred during my week. Other times I may express how I am feeling, if I’m feeling down, and offer my solutions, for those of you who ever feel the same way. This is so nobody ever feels alone in any situation, because if I’ve been through it too, it’ll most likely be on here. Waiting to help those of you in need. Therefore, I guess my blog doesn’t really have a certain ‘theme’ as i don’t want to be forever bringing people down with my sad stories, but I want to be uplifting too, with my photos; my reviews; my own happy or funny experiences. These I hope will be uploaded more often though. I plan on posting weekly or maybe more frequently for all you guys to see, so I hope you enjoy what you read.