Q and A

Hey Guys,

I would just like to thank Elm for asking me some of the questions in this. Unfortunately, not many questions were asked, so I’ve decided to include a couple of my own that I think would interest you guys.

Q1 – What’s your favourite time of day?

I love the morning! I mean I am not really a fan of getting up in the morning (who is?) but I just love the bird song in the morning, the early sun and the fresh smell of the grass and atmosphere. Even in the winter, the morning is nice with a cold chill, but I love seeing the ice and cups of tea to start the day off. However, you can’t forget lunchtime because everyone loves food!

Q2 – Do you get happy easily?

Little things make me happy, but the smallest of things can kill my mood. If I’m happy, other people will be happy too 🙂

Q3 – What’s your favourite type of post to write, and why?

I adore writing reviews for you guys to read about things I’ve made and I loved doing my May favourites – so many more of those to come. This summer however, I can’t wait to try out blog posts where they’re more chatty. So I hope you all look forward to those.

Q4 – What do you like to do in your spare time?

Photography, Photography and even more Photography!!! As well as writing my blog, taking photos is my one escape from the world. Shutting myself away to edit them can sometimes be a bit tedious, but also results in some pretty great final photos which I can then share on the old tinternet.

Finally Q5 – What are your ambitions?

This Summer I hope to learn Spanish, blog and vlog (whether I upload them at all is another matter). Then in September I’m off to college to do my A-levels and then after those 2 years it’s time for uni. I have no idea what I’d like to study, but we shall see shan’t we!

So that’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel you may know me a little better than before. If you’d like to see any vlogs then please comment below and if you have any more questions ask away and maybe I’ll do another one of these.

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx

The End Is In Sight

Hey Guys,

4 weeks ago I embarked on one very big adventure that will decide the next two years of my life – my GCSEs. One piece of paper, a few letters and that will decide my future…Wow!

This adventure has been such a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from elation to complete and utter panic. Some exams I’d come out ecstatic, others I’d come out crying. But most of all, its coming to an end and I couldn’t be more thankful. All my revision material can be got rid of, all my books, my notes. My study can go back to being a clean, spacious room. Ready for me to start my next load of exams – but that’s not for a good year or so, so lets not worry about those just yet!

Just a week and a day to go, until my GCSEs end and the biggest summer of my life starts! I’m so unbelievably excited. I have so many memories to make – beach days, days with my friends, shopping trips and best of all, it’s only 17 days until I go to California (Just you wait for the blogs when I’m out there!) And the amazing photograph opportunities! Oh my life!! I will definitely be in my element when I’m out there.

So here I am, supposed to be revising for the final 5 of the original 24 exams. Jesus, 24 exams…No wonder I am absolutely shattered and need them to end! My motivation every morning is ‘You can do this! One less to go, you’re so close to the end now’ – That has got me through each day I’ve had them and now it actually fits as the end is in touching distance.

Well I guess I should sign off and actually go and open my physics revision guide – I’d much rather stay here, wittering on to you all about my life, but hey I don’t wanna bore you too much!

I hope all of you out there who are sitting or have just finished your exams that you all feel okay about them. Just remember, there’s nothing you can do until results day. So if I were you I’d sit back, put your feet up and relax and enjoy your summer – worry about results the day you get them!

Keep Smiling Guys,

Crystal Clexr xxx


Guess Who Has Become A Veggie!

Hey Guys,

That’s right – I have.

So today I have decided to share with you all the fact I have become a vegetarian. I can imagine a few of you are quite possibly sat there think wtf?? Why?? But I can’t put into words how brilliant my health has been since cutting out the meat. And!!! The food I’ve been eating is 10x better than a meat dinner…So many  different flavours, combinations and recipes are out there to cater for a meat free diet. Restaurants however are a different matter, but that’s for another day!


So, since turning to the ‘dark side’ as many of my friends have told me, these two books have been a complete life saver for me and my family, in order to find some meals that mean I can get all of the dietary requirements that each of us need to get. Plus I think they look quite pretty so what a chance to take some photos hey?


Anyhoo, whilst looking at all my previous favourite foods, I have been utterly shocked at the ingredients that are in them – therefore removing them from my favourite food list :(. Here are a few: Wine gums, midget gems, MARSHMALLOWS (no more toasting of those round the fire on a camping trip) but mostly, yoghurts! So many yoghurt brands have gelatine in them in order to thicken them and give them the consistency they need – but if anything I was slightly grossed out at this fact, not because I’m a veggie.

So many cosmetic brands test on animals, and although I shan’t stop using my makeup (my very best friend), I will be more wise about what products I do use. I just simply can’t imagine how people think it is acceptable to test on the poor voiceless creatures. It’s simply not fair.

This post was just me keeping you up to date with what I’m up to really, and just to inform you of what actually happens out there in order to make the food we eat, products we use. The world isn’t always the place of kindness.

I will keep you up to date with any nice recipes I find, just in case you would like to try them,or maybe have a go at being a vegetarian too. Just remember, if you do, you need to have a fully balanced diet, including eggs, pulses, nuts. Protein is a very important thing that your body requires to survive!

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx

May Favourites

Hey Guys,

So I love reading blogs about people’s monthly favourites and I decided to have a go at one myself.

All My May Favourites

First thing that I have loved this month is my book – Boys don’t cry – It had such a good storyline of a 17 year old bringing up a baby. The baby gets dumped on her father and this story is the twists and turns that occur as he brings up his baby daughter. The twists in this book really make it gripping and I was unable to put it down. I really recommend it!


Secondly, I have purchased a body moisturiser which is made my Ghost and smells divine, it makes your body feel silky smooth and gives your skin a fabulous glow. As well as this, I bought my first Soap and Glory product – the Sugar Crush Hand Food. This really works wonders on dry and cracked hands!


I also purchased a new moisturiser for my face as when I wake up it is quite dry, but this hydrates my face and then gives me a glow before putting on my foundation. However I recommend the whole ‘simple’ range as all their products have worked wonders on my skin and they make a significant difference. Due to me not liking the glow effect, I use the L’Oreal primer which then gives my foundation a matte effect which is the look I like.


Finally, I was in desperate need of a new mascara and it was actually the packaging that drew me into this one. I found it so chic, in comparison to the metallic bottles that you find. After reading it had oils in it I was very intrigued as to what this mascara would do for my eyes. After the first use, I found such a difference compared to the other ones I’ve used. It gives a false lash effect and even a bit of smoky eye is emphasised when using this one.


Let me know if you like this sort of thing

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx








1 Year Anniversary

Hey Guys!

So today is my one year anniversary between me and my blog. And what better way to celebrate than with a cake? A lemon cake in fact!

So exams are proving very stressful, but as I have a slight break between them all, I decided to do some baking. Yesterday I made a banana cake, but that didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. However, the lemon drizzle cake I made today is to die for and I thought I would share the recipe with you. Seeing as I love photography, I couldn’t resist but take pictures of my stages of baking!

Ingredients for the cake:

  • 225g Unsalted Butter
  • 225g Caster Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Lemon Zest
  • 225g Self Raising Flour

Ingredients for the topping: 

  • Juice of 1 and 1/2 Lemon
  • 85g Caster Sugar
All Ingredients Needed


  1. Heat Oven to 180°C
  2. Line a loaf tin with grease proof paper and you’re ready to get started
  3. Beat the sugar and the eggs until they are creamy
  4. Add each egg, beating after adding each
  5. Sift in the flour bit by bit and fold in to the mixture
  6. Add lemon zest
  7. Pour mixture into the loaf tin and put in the oven for 40-45 minutes


  1. Mix the juice of the lemon with the caster sugar
  2. Once the cake is cooked and had a chance to cool a little, but is still warm, prick the top and drizzle the topping over
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Finished Product
Finished Product

I really hope if you decide to make this you let me know how it goes! It is really tasty I can assure you 🙂

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx


Revision Techniques

Hey Guys,

So exams are looming, too close for my liking and if any of you haven’t started revising yet then more fool you. I hope you all have your own ways of revising, but I just thought I would share what I do.

Personally I believe the number one technique is colour, colour and more colour. My room is filled with notes, posters and many other things simply coloured in with highlighters, felt pens and stickers. I really advise you use colour as if it is bright it will stick in your head more.

Secondly, I can’t fault revision cards. I have 100s of the things. Filled with notes and colour and drawings. I really recommend revision cards as a way of revising. They are portable, colourful and small so force you to write in note form.

Thirdly, I recommend mind maps. These beauties are so useful for linking notes together in order to get them to stick in your mind. Also do not forget your colour when making them.

Finally, if you need to remember a list of things, make sure to put them into a funny story or place them on certain points of a well known journey you have. Doing this will help you to get these important dates, figures, vocabulary into your head, and in a fun way.

Personally, I struggled finding exam revision techniques so I hope this is helpful to those sitting exams, or even sitting exams next year.

Good luck to all you amazing people about to sit exams and I promise you will all do amazingly, just try your best.

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx

Luscious Lips Care Tip

It’s that time of year again where the air is icy and wind is chilled when everyone wraps up and lives off hot beverages. However, one thing everyone forgets to take care of is our lips. They are probably one of your best features when they are looking good. Every guy loves a smile right? Perhaps not so much when they are flaky and red. Lips are rarely anybodies priority when it comes to taking care in the winter months. Yet we always moan about them when it’s too late and they are chapped and swollen due to the conditions of the outside world.

I have personally been a sufferer of chapped lips during the winter time and this year I wanted to make a change to what I go through. I browsed the lush website for their lip scrubs and treatments, but ÂŁ5.20 was a bit out of my price range for something I could make myself for a hell of a lot cheaper. It has worked wonders and for all you females out there looking for a product to give you luscious lips that your friends would die for, I thought I would share what I did.

Step 1

I placed 1 tablespoon of golden caster sugar as this will be used to actually scrub and exfoliate the lips, making them small

Step 2

Next I added a teaspoon of olive oil, or enough to cover the sugar and turn it slightly yellow. This is the moisturising part to the scrub so your lips do not dry out.

Step 3

I then added a small amount of honey, I used a gluten free syrup type thing, but you can use any kind of honey. This was to bring the mixture together and sticky. Not too much though as you don’t want it too sticky (what a mess that would be)

Step 4

This was when I added a small amount of Vanilla Essence to create a slight flavour to the scrub. This is completely optional, but it does make it taste scrummy as well. You can also add food colouring at this stage to give it some colouring.

Step 5

Once I had made my scrub and stirred it I had to try it! I mean, who wouldn’t want to try a creation they had just made. So I took a small amount on my finger (after washing them) and scrubbed onto my lips, in small circular motions. I then left it for about 1 minute and then I washed it off using a damp flannel and patted dry.

Step 6

Finally once my lips had dried, I used Nivea lip butter in Raspberry Rosé flavour to moisturise my lips.

This has really helped my lips and they are ever so smooth now and feeling luscious and beautiful. So now I’m ready to set foot out in the cold and not have any worries about ruining my favourite feature ( my smile )

If you try this, please drop a comment letting me know how you get on 🙂

These are the ingredients I included in my creation 

Golden Caster Sugar, remember 1 tablespoon

Olive Oil - Remember, 1 teaspoon or enough to cover the sugar

Vanilla Essence - Remember only a little for a subtle flavour

Lip butter - Cheap from any supermarket or pharmacy

Here is the final product. Not too appetising but it works wonders 

Final Product! Doesn't look appetising I know, by my gosh it works a treat!

New Start

Hey Guys,

I am so so sorry I haven’t uploaded, for months now actually. I have had so much to deal with, family wise and just mentally I haven’t been in a good place to continue my blog. Also school has been taking over and my life has been consisting of revision, socialising and even just work in general. I had run out of time to make this a weekly thing.

However, I want to begin again and continue with it. I feel it will give me a break from everything, just to have something other than school work to focus on. My stress levels have been so high, I just need to take a step back, breathe and start a fresh to prepare myself for the near future.

So, I will continue with what I wanted my blog to be like with my own tales to tell, along with reviews of my latest purchases or my holidays.

I am extremely excited to start this again and here’s to a new start!

Keep Smiling Guys

Crystal Clexr xxx

My way to be Free

It appears that most blogs begin with a welcome, so here it goes. I am a typical teenage girl who is interested in fashion, music, taking photos and writing. Writing is my main focus in life really, which is why I started this. I also feel I need to have some place to disappear to, to express my feelings, to get it all out. I sit here now doing the three things that help me escape the real world: listening to music, on my own in my room, and writing. It helps you know. Sometimes I plan on doing up beat posts, maybe reviewing my latest fashion purchase, or even just re telling a funny story that occurred during my week. Other times I may express how I am feeling, if I’m feeling down, and offer my solutions, for those of you who ever feel the same way. This is so nobody ever feels alone in any situation, because if I’ve been through it too, it’ll most likely be on here. Waiting to help those of you in need. Therefore, I guess my blog doesn’t really have a certain ‘theme’ as i don’t want to be forever bringing people down with my sad stories, but I want to be uplifting too, with my photos; my reviews; my own happy or funny experiences. These I hope will be uploaded more often though. I plan on posting weekly or maybe more frequently for all you guys to see, so I hope you enjoy what you read.